Pangkil Island Resort : Eco-Friendly Tropical Resort

by - August 21, 2018

Pangkil Island Resort
Maybe there are still many who do not know if on Bintan Island, Riau Islands, Indonesia, there are several private islands that are still very natural. One of them is Pangkil Island which is located to the east of Bintan Island. Pangkil Island has an area of ​​about 6 hectares which is uninhabited and has now been managed into a resort. Pangkil Island or commonly called Pangkil Island Resort is a tropical resort that is eco-friendly.

Pangkil Island Resort is said to be eco-friendly because the building is made of wood that is roofed with dry weeds, unlogged forest and unspoiled rocks. You will not find walls or the like here, except in the pool section. Soft sand makes you more comfortable walking around the island without using footwear. Pangkil Island Resort is truly a tropical style resort that is very eco-friendly.

Pulau Pangkil is rented out in whole, not only for rent per unit of cottages. So, in 1-3 days there will be no other tenants besides you. Therefore this island is very suitable for family holidays, reunions, organizations, weddings and so on. The island can accommodate between 10 people and 60 people and is served by some very kind and friendly officers.

Bed Room
Bath Room
Living Room
Massage Room
There are 10 stage houses with views directly overlooking the sea. The stage house or The Driftwood Palace is divided into several types, namely The Main House, Driftwood Palace Number 1, Driftwood Palace Number 2 to Number 5, Tree House, The Big House, Merifield Palace and The Pool House. In each stage house there is a bed equipped with mosquito nets, fans, cabinets, wooden chairs and bathrooms.

The Main House
Driftwood Palace Number 1
Driftwood Palace Number 2 to Number 5
Tree House
The Big House
Merifield Palace
The Pool House
Facilities that you can get during your stay here are welcome drinks, 3 meals a day, coffee, tea, milk, mineral water, snacks, swimming pool, billiards, table tennis, beach volleyball court, kayaking and snorkeling. All sports equipment that is here without using a machine. To get to the pool area, you will pass through a forest area that is still very beautiful and if you are lucky you will meet wild animals around the forest.

Swimming Pool

Table Tennis
Beach Volleyball Court
Guests who come to Pangkil Island Resort are mostly foreign tourists. Although most of the guests who come to the resort come from abroad, the food served is not only western taste but also a touch of traditional Indonesian food. Every night guests will be treated to a delicious BBQ menu from experienced chefs.


To get to this resort, you can come to the harbor located on the east coast of Bintan Island. Guests from Singapore can take a ferry to the port of Bandar Bintan Telani or via Raja Haji Fisabilillah airport. No need to worry because there is a shuttle facility from the airport or port to the ferry port to Pangkil Island.

Pangkil Island Resort
Pangkil Island Resort
For those of you who want a holiday with a calm and comfortable and eco-friendly, Pangkil Island Resort is one very good alternative. You can relax with friends or family personally. Enjoy the nature of the beach and spend the night on a small island like your own island with friends or family.

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  1. banyak juga aktifitas yang bisa dilakukan selama disana ya...yakin bakalan gak ada bosan bosannya deh... rumah2 nya juga keliatannya nyaman banget ya

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  3. When else can you become James Bond who has a private island, right?. Only here we can feel that sensation, Pangkil Island Resort. Dream vacation.

  4. Tropical island soo beutiful, i want go to there

  5. Resortnya sangat kece dan ternyata eco friendly yaq. Semua bangunan terbuat dari kayu dan yang paling penting itu cuma satu grup yg bisa sewa pulau dalam sekali waktu, keren bangetlah.

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