Enjoy the Excitement of Summer Vacation at Angsana Bintan

by - August 09, 2019

Angsana Bintan

The Riau Islands in particular the Bintan Regency is indeed famous for its beautiful white sandy beaches. One of them is an international standard tourist area located in Lagoi, Bintan, Indonesia. Indonesia with a tropical climate is very suitable as a summer vacation spot for foreign tourists and also local tourists because there are many luxurious and magnificent resorts located along the waterfront. Of the many resorts in the Lagoi tourist area, Angsana Bintan is one of the luxury resorts that presents a variety of exciting and challenging activities. Incidentally last week me and my friends were on vacation there and tried some activities there.


Welcome Drink
Saturday afternoon I went to the tourist area of ​​Lagoi, Bintan by motorbike. Passing through the western causeway, I spurred my motorcycle a little faster so I could get to my destination soon. About 1 hour drive, I arrived at Angsana Bintan. After parking the motorbike, me and friends rushed to the lobby to check in. Arriving at the lobby we were greeted by mba-mba and mas-mas with a friendly smile and greetings while bringing us cold small towels and a glass of welcome drink. The afternoon weather was indeed very hot and it felt very fitting to be welcomed with a cold small towel and drink. The drink is also very refreshing for the throat. Made from a mixture of ginger, lemon grass and honey which is fermented overnight.

Prawn Nestum & Angsana Punch
After a moment of relieving fatigue and thirst, we went through the check-in process by showing each of our ID cards. Then we were given a room key and were invited to lunch because it was time for lunch. That afternoon we ate at Lotus Cafe. There are many food and beverage menus to choose from according to taste. I chose to eat Prawn Nestum. Prawn Nestum consists of giant prawns, chili, nestum powder, curry leaves and team jasmine rice. Because I wasn't eating rice, the rice was replaced with french fries. It feels really good, the shrimp is soft and the skin has been peeled so we don't need to bother peeling the skin. For drinks I chose Angsana Punch. This drink is mixed from several tropical fruits mixed with a little soda. Matter of taste do not be asked, it is definitely very cool. 

After eating, we went to our rooms to put our luggage. Our room is on the 3rd floor. There are several choices of room types in Angsana Bintan, including:

- Island Chill Room 
Spacious room of 33 sqm, capacity for 2 people, 2 twin beds, bathroom, wifi, coffee and tea, balcony to relax with garden and sea views.

- Sea Breeze Room - Queen 
Spacious room of 33 sqm, capacity for 2 people, 1 queen bed, bathroom, wifi, coffee and tea, balcony to relax with pool and sea views.

- Sea Breeze Room - Twin 
Spacious room of 41 sqm, capacity for 2 people, 2 twin beds, bathroom, wifi, coffee and tea, balcony to relax with pool and sea views.

- Island Suite 
Room size of 76 sqm, capacity for 2 people, 1 queen bed, bathroom equipped with bathtub, living room, dining room, pantry equipped with coffee, tea and snacks, wifi, balcony to relax by the pool and the sea. 

- Island Family Suite 
Room area of ​​275 sqm, capacity for 4 people, 1 queen bed and 1 twin single, outdoor bathroom and pool, wifi, coffee and tea, balcony to relax with garden and sea views.

Angsana Bintan

Incidentally we took the Island Suite room type, the room was very comfortable with tropical colors. The bed is also decorated with a variety of very beautiful flowers. And the most happy one, there is a balcony to relax overlooking the pool and the sea, really soothing eyes. After looking around the room and putting my luggage, I immediately changed my clothes because other friends were waiting in the lobby. In the lobby we are given information about activities that we can do while in Angsana Bintan. 

Many choices of activities that we can do, including : 

- Kids Club 
Children can do a variety of fun activities at the Kids Club.

- Join a Ranger Trail 
Follow the Ranger Trail across tropical forests and discover unique flora and fauna around the forest.

- Watersports 
Doing activities at sea, watching the reef and against the waves.

- Jungle Safari ATV 
Ride an ATV across forests, villages and pristine environments.

- Traditional Fishing 
Fishing in the middle of the sea by riding a fishing boat.

- Fireflies Tour 
Enjoy the amazing fireflies tour illuminating the night sky by boat.

- Mangrove Discovery Tour 
Sail along the Sebung river and explore the Bintan mangroves. Discover amazing wildlife on the island such as mangrove snakes and monitor lizards.

- Play Volleyball 
Enjoy a great afternoon by the beach while playing beach volleyball.

- Forest Survival Games 
Learn to survive in the forest. There will be a guide who accompanies.

- Destination Dining 
Enjoy dinner under the starry sky and delicious food.

Angsana Bintan
From several choices of activities in Angsana Bintan, we chose watersport activities. We will play jetski, paddleboard and kayak. Before playing Jetski, we were given a briefing on how to ride Jetski. This is my first experience riding a jetski who usually only sits behind as a passenger. At first I was afraid, but after a while it became really fun. Especially if there are big waves, I have to be brave to break through the waves even though my body is like floating. About 15 minutes I took turns with a friend riding a jetski. 

Angsana Bintan
After playing Jetski, I tried playing paddleboard while the other friends played like. This game uses a skateboard and paddle. This is also my first experience riding a paddleboard. I was told to sit on the surfboard, then one by one the feet slowly raised on the surfboard. Then straighten up with a position like kneeling. After that paddling a skateboard around the coast. If you want something more extreme, try slowly standing on the skateboard. Must be able to balance the body so it does not fall. Several times I tried and always failed alias fell, finally for the trial for the umpteenth time I managed to stand on the skateboard even though only a few seconds. 

Xana Beach Club

Satisfied with activities at sea, we returned to our rooms because it was almost time for Maghrib prayer. Arriving in the room immediately take a shower, pray and rest for a while while waiting for the other friends to prepare for dinner. Supposedly dinner is held at Lotus Cafe. But since last night Saturday night and the Lotus Cafe was closed so we were welcome to have dinner at Xana Beach Club which is located right by the beach. 

Xana Beach Club
Once I arrived at the Xana Beach Club, I was sedated by such an atmosphere. Tables and chairs are arranged in such a way and each table is placed with candles to add a romantic impression. Dinner on the beach, under the starry sky and the sound of the waves making me fantasize and hope that one day I can have dinner here with 'Someone Special'. The atmosphere was starting to be crowded by guests who wanted to eat dinner. The menu served is International Buffet BBQ. There are various grilled, salads, vegetables, tropical fruits, various desserts, various fresh drinks and kids corner especially for children. 

Sunrise Yoga
Sunrise Yoga
The night was getting late, the fun of chatting and joking made us forget the time. The clock showed 10 pm and the restaurant was almost closed. We rushed back to the room to rest because all day we were on the move and the body had begun to feel tired. Until in my room I immediately rested because tomorrow morning we had promised to take part in a sunrise yoga which was held at 5.30am on the Santai Deck. 

At exactly 5 am my alarm sounds. I deliberately set an alarm so I could wake up in the morning for fear of missing the morning prayer and sunrise yoga. Wake up immediately rush to dawn prayers and get ready to follow sunrise yoga. Arriving at Santai Deck it turns out that sunrise yoga has begun. I immediately took the mat and joined with other guests who had joined first. I was very enthusiastic about yoga because it had been a long time since I had participated in yoga and certainly because the instructure came from India. Moreover, the location of Santai Deck is on the beach with a charming view of the sunrise. 

After yoga, my friends and I took a short break on the Relax Deck while enjoying the sunrise and taking pictures. After enjoying the sunrise, we headed to Lotus Cafe for breakfast. Again, we were confronted by a variety of foods and drinks that were very appetizing. Lots of menu choices make me confused to choose and it feels like to be sampled all. But still, the stomach must be filled according to capacity. The employees serve us very well and friendly. 

After breakfast and chatting for a while we agreed to swim in the pool. We rushed to the pool where there were some guests who were swimming there with their families. Again engrossed in swimming suddenly there is an offer for the joint Aqua Aerobic. What ??? Aerobic in the pool? To be sure, this has never been done before. We are curious and agree to join Aqua Aerobic. Once started, it's still normal. For hand movements, I can still follow because it's easy. But fitting the movement of the foot, a bit heavy to lift because the feet are in the pool. Exciting, follow the movements of the instrument. Unfortunately we could not participate long because we had to get ready to check out. We went back to our room, showered and prepared to check out. 

2 days was really fast in Angsana Bintan because indeed while we were there, we did various exciting and fun activities. I don't want to end this holiday. Some reasons that make me feel at home in vacation and linger here, including :  
  • The place is easy to reach. From Tanjungpinang to Lagoi using a car or motorcycle. From Batam to Tanjung Uban by speedboat or roro ship. From Singapore to the port of Bandar Bintan Telani using a ferry;
  • The atmosphere around the resort is still very beautiful and peaceful because there are still many overgrown shade trees and away from the hustle and bustle of noise;
  • Cleanliness is always maintained, no littering garbage. Included around the coast are also clean, free of trash;
  • The employees are very kind and friendly. As a guest, I am very well served. Every time they meet, they always greet you kindly. They always provide the best service and smile for us guests; 
  • The rooms are spacious, complete and comfortable. There is a balcony suitable for relaxing while enjoying views of the garden, swimming pool and the sea;  
  • Existing activities are also very diverse. Starting from activities for children, sports and various activities that are full of challenges and adventures; 
  • Can enjoy all the facilities in Angsana Bintan; 
  • Food and drinks are also many choices. Starting from traditional Indonesian food to western food, everything is here. Plus fresh drinks that are processed from various tropical fruits. If it's a matter of taste, there's no doubt because all food and drinks are made by experienced, experienced chefs. 
Angsana Bintan

Who still has a leave of absence is used for holidays. And don't forget if you want a vacation here, Angsana Bintan. I make sure your vacation will be exciting, memorable and enjoyable. Ciiiaaaoooo ...

Angsana Bintan
Jalan Teluk Berembang Laguna
Bintan Resorts, Lagoi 29155
Tlp. +62 770 693111 atau +62 770 692957
Fax. +62 770 693 222
Email : reservations-bintan@angsana.com

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  2. Sunrise Yoga and water sport activities very cool. I also really like the beach atmosphere with white sand and blue sky.